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BossKlein Large V-Wipes Alcohol Surface Disinfectant

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Key Product Features

Effective against a wide spectrum of
organisms (see bullets opposite). Tubs
contain wipes in poly-sealed bags. Wipe
size 200 x 200mm. Available in lemon or
natural fragrances.

Directions For Use

Using a new wipe for each application,
wipe objects to be disinfected so that
they are completely moistened and
let the disinfectant take action over a
period of 30 seconds, allowing surface
moisture to evaporate.


Product Composition

Solution contains amongst other
ingredients: Ethanol, Propan-2-ol,
Polymeric biguanide hydrochloride,
Disinfectants, Parfum, Linalool,

Physical Properties

PolyViscose substrate impregnated
with clear liquid. Colour white. Odour
dependant on aroma. pH 7.0-8.0 of
solution with a shelf life of 3 years.


Test Standards

Tested to standards
BS EN14476
BS EN13727
BS EN14204
BS EN13624

Hazard Classifications
and Details

This product is not classified as
dangerous for carriage.



Product Highlights - Effective against a wide spectrum of organisms - Tubs contain wipes in poly sealed bags - Wipe size 200 x 200mm - Available in lemon and natural aromas - Packaging options include dispenser tubs or ‘stand up’ refill packs - Specially formulated for use in the Medical and Dental environment

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